Reflections & Perceptions

by William's Cave

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released October 24, 2014

All tracks written and performed by William's Cave
All tracks mixed and mastered by Steven Reinhardt, Jan- Oct 2014
Album artwork by Edwina Brinkley Art
William's Cave are:
Dominic Brinkley: vocals, guitars, bass
Patrick Brinkley: keys, vocals, drums



all rights reserved


William's Cave Melbourne, Australia

Psychedelic/ progressive rock band from Bayside area in Melbourne.

Free download of first EP "Reflections & Perceptions" here!!

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Track Name: Echo Through the Mountains
There's an echo through the mountains
As I call your name
An echo through the waters
Which hide my shame
I'm a bird that can't fly,
no diamond in the sky;
I've got so much to learn
Above this head of mine

You're like the colours of a diamond
From another time;
More and more clouds just float in this sky
A thing to live for, seeing your face
A thing to die for, now I have no shame

Fly with me forever, until the end of time

I said it all day long, guessing my fate
I wish now I had been saved
But I picked up my soul,
threw my heart away to burn without you

Won't you fly along with me, until the end of time
Fly along with me

You came then you left,
but you're always there;
I feel this weight pull me back down to Earth
Now the sun sets the day,
so much goes to waste;
I can hear myself say, that every little thing
Will be alright

Won't you fly along with me, til the end of time
Fly along with me
Track Name: Railway
In the end, before it began
We looked up and watched it all collapse
Without heart or soul,
It turned to ash
Now the world is spinning so fast,
We can't tell what is all around
With no light in view,
Will we find a plan

Finally, we see what is ahead
The destiny is there

We have always looked into the future
To see what this world will become
This path, it leads everlong
Into the unknown tomorrow

Finally, we see what is ahead
The destiny is there

I'm at a crossroads in my life just waiting by
Soon it will all be over
I'm at a railway in my life just wasting time
Soon I will be at the end
Be at the end
Track Name: For the Circus
I'll wait in here,
Reflections, perceptions;
Wondering why
These moments are so hard to find
I close my eyes for a while
on a moving train,
transcending time, and making my way
'round my mind

And I feel like it has come full circle
But the universe keeps spinning me round and round
Just want it to slow down

Dancing and prancing and clowning around,
I was walking the tightrope (never balancing)
Wondering why your love was so hard to find
Now quietly weeping where no one can see me
With fairytales, fiction (I'll make believe anything)
Still I wonder why your love is so hard to find

And I hope one day, it will come full circle
When the universe stops spinning me round and round
Just want it to slow down
Track Name: Palm Trees and Aliens
Look at the great star
ascend as a memory,
Float through the sky, what could have been
I missed my dream, try not to remember
holding your hand by the sea

We spoke about our world;
Oh our small blue earth
and one day we'll be gone
who knows how long
No don't cry
Was so inspired to change but now you're gone

By the sea, oh by the sea
waves crash down, looking out for you
By the sea, just stuck in reality
Sweet dreaming, and I'm still looking out for you

Walking then tumbling,
searching then fumbling
Through my brain for something I'd hide;
Forgotten your photo imprint in my memory,
Oh take me back to those times

Science is golden;
when its not on my mind
Time is forever;
but still very hard to find
So don't lie for we all die

Waking up- inside another dream
See the alien by the sea
By the sea, just touching reality
Sweet dreaming, and now you're gone
Now I'll go, I've run out of time
to truly say what was on my mind